Biographical Information
Official NameAces!
AliasesAces Magazine
TypeTabloid publication
Operational Information
Base of Operations666 Fifth Avenue, New York City
Place of FormationNew York City

Aces! Magazine is a fictional publication in the Wild Cards series of books. The "Aces!" publication focuses solely on ace-related news, gossip, and photos.


The offices of Aces magazine are located at 666 Fifth Avenue and occupy two floors of the building. Visiting the magazine's offices while conducting an investigation, ace detective Jay Ackroyd noted they were "a lot classier than one would expect. Obviously, there is money to be made in stories about Peregrine's love life." The overall decor is very modern and mostly chrome, glass, and leather.

In the reception area, there are several mementos from various aces demonstrating their abilities: a chrome ashtray transmuted into some kind of weird purple glass, steel bars twisted into new and fanciful shapes, and a perpetual-motion machine still whirring happily away for over four years, and a chrome steel plate with the "Aces!" logo etched into it by J.J. Flash. Little brass plaques commemorate each of these feats.

Background HistoryEdit

A tabloid magazine about aces, Aces! Magazine is not considered a hard journalism publication by the public at large and tends to focus on the seamier, more sensationalistic aspects of wild card culture. Aces! most prominent employee is Digger Downs, an "up the sleeve" ace himself, whose deuce level power lets him identify aces, jokers, and latents by smell. Digger's power has helped his employers break many stories about new additions to the ace community.


The following is a partial list of Aces! articles mentioned mostly in passing throughout the Wild Card series.

  • The Howler's secret love child - Digger discovers the dead hero's offspring
  • Peregrine's pregnancy - "Friends Beg Her To Abort Monstrous Joker Baby!" Digger leaks that the child's father is an ace and the potential consequences.
  • Golden Boy vs. Harlem Hammer - an article about the strongest aces in the world. Carnifex was angered that it listed his strength as "minor league."
  • Jokertown Gang War - Digger interviews Tachyon about the Mafia-Shadow Fists war and the joker citizens' patrol formed in response
  • Tachyon's Torment - "Who's the Father?" Digger gets photos of the female Dr. Tachyon, trapped in the very pregnant body of Kelly Ann Jenkins by the jumpers.
  • Dangerous Curves - Bugsy writes an article about Curveball's new love interest.

Known MembersEdit


  • In the real world, 666 Fifth Avenue was the home to DC Comics for many years.
  • Aces Magazine seems to exist throughout the entire series, indicating that sales remained good. In the only book where the offices are visited, they are modern and well kept, with expensive furnishings.

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