Biographical Information
Real NameAdesina
Wild Card TraitsDwarfism, telepathy, empathy, winged flight
Social Information
Place of BirthAfrica
Base of OperationsKisengani, Congo
AlliesBubbles, Fire Boy
First AppearanceSuicide Kings

Adesina is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Adesina was an African child who had been injected with the wild card virus as part of a program to create aces loyal to the People's Paradise of Africa. The lab workers that injected her mistook her transformation as a black queen and discarded her with all the dead children in a pit at Kisengani. In her larval state Adesina's telepathy reached half a world away to Bubbles lying comatose in New Orleans, intruding into her dreams and helping her to awaken.

Bubbles made the trip to Kisengani to find Adesina, and rescued her from the pit, before taking her to safety at a liberated compound within the city.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

In her larval stage, Adesina created a subconscious telepathic link between herself in Africa and Bubbles in New Orleans. The visions of Adesina's plight returned when Bubbles was asleep.

After hatching, Adesina's joker body allows her to skitter along the ground in a multi-legged gallop, and she has also demonstrated short distance flight. By touching her forelegs to the face of another person she can project and receive emotions, sometimes resulting in a brief sense of sadness when she breaks contact.


After she drew the joker, Adesina shrunk and withdrew into a cocoon. When she emerged she was reduced to the size of a small dog, and had a human face in an insect-like body with wings.


Adesina is an optimistic girl, and her wild card is advantageous when trying to build new friendships.

Selected ReadingEdit

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