Biographical Information
Official NameThe Order of Allumbrados
AliasesThe Enlightened Ones
TypeReligious Cult
Operational Information
Base of OperationsSt. Dympna's Home for the Mentally Deficient and Criminally Inclined, New York City
Place of FormationEurope
Period ActiveMedieval times - 21st Century
First AppearanceDeath Draws Five
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Allumbrados, the Enlightened Ones, is a papist sect with ties to the Inquisition and commanded from within the Vatican.




The Perfecti are the top echelon of the Allumbrados, Contarini's loyal followers.


The Obsequenti, or "Obediants" are notable retainers of the Allumbrados and take their orders directly from Contarini. They are mostly barracked at St. Dympna's.


The Credenti are the lowest ranked Allumbrados and generally take their orders from the Obsequenti, and sometimes the Perfecti. The majority of them are untrusted thugs or mercenaries.

Selected ReadingEdit

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