Biographical Information
Real NameCetus Dauphin
Wild Card TraitsAquatic metamorphosis, animal telepathy (cetaceans)
Social Information
Base of OperationsMobile
AffiliationsCaptain Trips' avatars
First AppearanceAces High
CreatorVictor Milán

Aquarius is an avatar or "friend" of Captain Trips (Mark Meadows).

History Edit

Mark Meadows experimented with psychoactive drugs, and he discovered that he could release other aces living inside him. He was able to develop ingestible powders to release/transform into five specific alternative personalities – each a different ace, amongst them – Aquarius, a surly were-dolphin, disdainful of surface-dwellers.

Mark developed a special silvery-gray powder that enabled him to release/transform into Aquarius, named after popular rock song of the same name. He carried small vials of the powder in his coat pockets. Upon ingesting the silvery-gray powder, Mark changed into Aquarius for one hour. The transformation ended sooner if Mark ingested a smaller fraction of the vial. Even when Mark was in his normal identity, Aquarius and the other four friends existed as personalities inside his head that could communicate with Mark and each other.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Aquarius is an amphibian, reliant on air to breathe, but capable of swimming as fast as he can run. His greatest ability is his power to transform into an orca-sized dolphin. In this form he becomes immensely strong and gains a high degree of damage resistance.

His skin is poorly equipped to handle lengthy exposure to air and he must remain immerse himself in water frequently to avoid having it dry and crack.

Aquarius is also able to communicate with ocean mammals and can telepathically command them to do his bidding.

Appearance Edit

Aquarius is a huge, stocky man, grey-skinned and bald with a bulging forehead.

Personality Edit

Aquarius is a surly individual. A loner as far as people are concerned, he generally dislikes all land-dwellers and would gladly turn his back on society and swim out to sea if it weren't for that fact that his inevitable change back into Mark Meadows would prove fatal.

Selected ReadingEdit

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