Biographical Information
Real NameBarbara Baden
AliasesBabel, the Translator, Babs
Wild Card TraitsUniversal translator
Social Information
Place of BirthIsrael
CitizenshipCitizen of Israel
OccupationAid worker
Base of OperationsNew York
AffiliationsThe Committee
First AppearanceBusted Flush
CreatorS.L. Farell

Babel, also known as the Translator is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Barbara Baden came from Israel and adopted the pseudonym of Babel to reflect her language translation power. She joined the Committee shortly after it is formed and quickly assumed a secretarial/vice-chairman position. She was later responsible for Drummer Boy quitting the Committee. Partially due to her influence, the Committee gradually becamea more bureaucratic organization.

She eventually engaged in a romantic relationship with Lohengrin while continuing as second in command of the Committee. During the Talas incident she assisted Billy Ray in breaking the Highwayman out of prison and remained behind to take the blame.

Wild Cards TraitsEdit

Babel possesses the ability to make people in her vicinity able to understand one another regardless of language. She can also do the opposite and cause them to lose all comprehension of what others are saying.

Selected ReadingEdit

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