Biographical Information
Real NameBenjamin Bester
Wild Card TraitsGigantism, fur, claws, horns, enhanced strength and durability
Social Information
OccupationPolice officer
Base of OperationsFort Freak, Jokertown
AffiliationsNew York City Police Dept.
AlliesChey Moloka, Kris, Rikki, Splat
First AppearanceFort Freak

Beastie is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Beastie grew up wanting to try out for school football teams, but could not due to regulations preventing wild carders from participating. His friend Rikki faced similar problems with her running capability, and one day their predicament caused her to propose a trip to Central Park where none of their group had ever ventured. Due to complications of Beastie's size, he was given the final say on whether they should use the subway, which proved to be a small blessing for a young woman wanting to exit through a stuck door which Beastie effortlessly dragged open. Once at Central Park he cautioned Rikki against interfering with a foot chase between police and a petty thief on the run, but she ran off and assisted the police anyway. In later years Beastie and Rikki both joined the police force themselves, where Beastie's size and strength were a valuable asset at Jokertown's 5th Precinct, know better as Fort Freak.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Beastie is a seven foot tall joker with the appearance of a furry great beast, complete with horns and long grasping claws. His mutation has made him abnormally strong and durable in addition to his more obvious physiological changes.


At seven feet, Beastie is an imposing figure, especially with his bestial mutations including horns and long pale grasping claws.


Beastie is a gentle giant, always calm and ever helpful. He is seldom drawn into the ribbing that his peers give new rookie recruits, instead preferring to be supportive towards the newcomers. His eyes are kind, and he is prone to making faces for the amusement of children.

Selected ReadingEdit

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