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Belinda was Jetboy's lifelong love interest, never quite reciprocated. She was an orphaned girl that grew up in the same institution as Robert Tomlin, the kid who would become Jetboy. They were friends since childhood. Belinda was one year older than him, and a bit of a tomboy when she was a kid. They lost contact when Robert went to Europe in 1939, to fight in World War II. Jetboy wrote letters to her throughout the war, but the letters Belinda wrote back never got to him, since he was moving all the time. Eventually she was put into a foster home, and there are indications that she was abused there. Belinda ran away from her foster home in 1944, and stopped receiving Jetboy's letters. By 1946 she had become a beautiful young woman, was living by herself, and had a boyfriend.

When Jetboy returned to America in August of 1946, he looked for Belinda. They had a reunion and Jetboy gave her two children's books ("The House at Pooh Corner" and "The Tale of the Fierce Bad Rabbit") that she had liked when she had been younger, both signed by their authors, that Jetboy had met in Europe. He had carried the books with him all through the war. Their reunion was friendly, but it was clear that Belinda had moved on with her life, and didn't reciprocate Jetboy's intense feelings. They were both aware of that, even though it remained unsaid. Jetboy and Belinda met one more time to go to the movies. Jetboy died the following month.

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