The Biological Isolation Containment Center (BICC) is a subterranean installation in the southwest corner of New Mexico. Built partially in the remnants of an old salt mine the layout is roughly the shape of a wagon wheel with a central hub connected to an outer ring by a number of straight passages like spokes.

The purpose of the BICC is to provide a research outpost dedicated to studying the wild card virus, and also to safely contain some of the more hazardous wild card cases. Q Sector is a maximum security wing built into one of the spurs off the outer ring, and houses dangerous criminals that conventional prisons cannot hope to contain. Voluntary patients also reside at the BICC.


Known StaffEdit

  • Dr. Pendergast (director)
  • Agent "Justice" Echeverria (chief of security)
  • Christian
  • Pham
  • Smitty
  • Tom

Known ResidentsEdit

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume XIX: Busted Flush
    • "Political Science 101"
    • "Political Science 201"

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