Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsAnimal atavism, dimensional teleportation, clairvoyance
Social Information
Base of OperationsSt. Dympna's Home for the Mentally Deficient and Criminally Inclined, New York City
RelativesBuck (brother)
First AppearanceDeath Draws Five
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Blood is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is a joker-ace with a mind regressed to the intelligence of a dog, and a twisted body to match. Blood serves the Allumbrados, under the care of his handler and brother Buck, as a tracker and long range teleporter.


Blood was an occasional patient at the Jokertown Clinic before his brother led them both into the employ of the Allumbrados. His new home with the fanatic religious group was a cell in the basement level of an old psychiatric hospital where he led a pitiable existence while occasionally performing long range transportation or tracking duties for his new masters.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Blood is an obvious joker with both mind and body twisted to resemble a dog. His appearance can be deceptive however, as he also has a pair of aces to draw on.

Blood's most obvious power is the ability to create dimensional gateways on any wall. These take the form of a circular dark patch, and anyone stepping through them will find themselves in a dark abyss for what feels like an interminably long time before stepping out again in other places far from the point of departure. These portals range at least as far from New York City to Las Vegas, and the destination can be anywhere that Blood has been before. The duration is temporary, and the portals close as soon as the last of Blood's 'passengers' has followed him through.

He also has a hidden sensory ability to mentally track, and can pinpoint a person's location at seemingly any range. He can use this tracking ability in conjunction with his portals to home in on a target, placing a destination portal in a location he has never visited before.


Blood's body is twisted so that his legs are thick hindquarters, and his arms are scrawny forelegs. His face has a vaguely canine look, with a snout underslung by a long jaw with no chin, and he has long drooping ears. Blood's skin is sallow and blotchy looking.


Blood's personality is much like that of a domesticated dog; obedient, needy, and easily startled in dangerous circumstances.

Selected ReadingEdit

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