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Shantak, New Jersey
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Bonham's Flying Service is a small airfield located in Shantak, New Jersey. It is the place where Professor Silverberg created the JB-1, the first jet plane, in 1939. He was helped by Linc Traynor, an airplane mechanic, and Robert Tomlin, their young apprentice who would go on to become Jetboy. Silverberg was soon killed by nazi spies, and Jetboy went away to fight in World War II aboard the experimental airplane, but Linc Traynor remained in the airfield, even long after World War II ended and Jetboy died tragically in 1946.

Trivia Edit

In the Wild Cards comic book published by Marvel Comics in 1990, it's revealed that Bonham's Flying Service became a museum dedicated to Jetboy, first administrated by Linc Traynor. When Linc died, he left the place to Edward Shiloh, a former criminal and minor foe of Jetboy, now reformed. The canonicity of the story is dubious, though. Bonham's has never appeared again in the novels.

Selected Reading Edit

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