Location Details
Common Name
Bowery Wild Card Dime Museum
Full Name
The Famous Bowery Wild Card Dime Museum
Business Type
Wax Museum
$2.50 admission
Current Condition
The Dime Museum is still a going concern and is well maintained. New exhibits (some sculpted by the Oddity) are added regularly.
Staff and Regulars
Located on Bowery Street in the Bowery district, it is about three blocks away from Our Lady of Perpetual Misery.

Bowery Wild Card Dime Museum is a fictional location from the Wild Cards series of books.

Background HistoryEdit

Located in Jokertown on Bowery Street in the Bowery district, the Dime Museum (admission now only $2.50) was converted to a wild card museum in the early 1960s. It began as a rather small museum with waxwork exhibits of the Four Aces, Tachyon, and Jetboy and the wall of embalmed "monstrous joker babies" floating in jars, but by the mid 1980s moved to high-tech animatronic dioramas like "Earth vs. the Swarm" and four authentic Turtle shells.

Charles Dutton is the quiet, behind-the-scenes owner. Dutton is a joker with skeletal death's head features and yellowish parchment-like skin. He is also one of the more successful entrepreneurs to emerge in the joker community.

The Oddity smashed several exhibits during a rampage, mistaking dioramas it had created itself for actual foes and threats from the past.

Exhibits of NoteEdit

The Bowery Wild Card Dime Museum is a repository of one of if not the largest collection of wild card artifacts and memorabilia. Displays ranging from the sensational and grotesque to items of actual historical significance are kept in the museum. Some of these include the following exhibits of note.

  • Several objects, including a butterfly, turned into gold by the short-lived ace called Midas.
  • A realistic diorama of the WHO tour's capture by Syrian ace terrorist Nur al-Allah, including Senator Gregg Hartmann's bloodstained jacket.
  • The bones of the insane ace cultist known as the Astronomer, half fused into a section of brick wall.

Hall of BeautyEdit

The Hall of Beauty is a section of the Bowery Wild Card Dime Museum devoted to beautiful wild carders. The following wild carders are represented in the Hall of Beauty:

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