Biographical Information
Real NameJaako Kuusi
Wild Card TraitsTransformation (electronic signal)
Social Information
Place of BirthFinland
CitizenshipFinnish citizen, deceased
OccupationFreelance spy
Base of OperationsHelsinki, Finland
AlliesNoel Matthews
First AppearanceSuicide Kings
Final AppearanceSuicide Kings
CreatorMelinda M. Snodgrass

Jaako "Broadcast" Kuusi is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Jaako occasionally used his ability to work in a freelance capacity for the Finnish secret service, which had him crossing paths with the British ace Noel Matthews from time to time. He was therefore called upon to participate in a bank heist in the People's Paradise of Africa, which Matthews was orchestrating in order to topple the African nation's leadership.

Jaako's role in the heist was primarily to open port 950 on the computer running the bank's security software to pave the way for his co-conspirator, the Signal on Port 950. He then joined the rest of the infiltration team to help extract gold ingots from the vault through one of Tesseract's portals, but instead of being transported to a prearranged warehouse, Jaako and the others found themselves victims of a double-cross when they appeared in Tesseract's family barn. Jaako was killed on the spot by a shotgun blast to the chest before any of them could react.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Broadcast has the ability to transform his physical form into a signal that can be conducted between sending and receiving electronic devices. He typically uses computer screens, but can also use other networked devices, such as CCTV cameras. The transition is not instantaneous and he has the appearance of pouring his form into and out of the linked devices.


Jaako has mercenary sensibilities and serves his country purely for the pay. He is also a pervert with an interest in child pornography.

Selected ReadingEdit

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