Biographical Information
Real NameCaitlyn
Wild Card TraitsYouthful appearance, stiff body
Social Information
Place of BirthNorthern Ireland
CitizenshipCitizen of Great Britain, deceased
Base of OperationsRathlin
RelativesPatrick (father), Shannon (mother), Moira (daughter)
AlliesGary Bushorn
First AppearanceDeuces Down
Final AppearanceDeuces Down
CreatorStephen Leigh

Caitlyn is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

Caitlin was sixteen when spores of the wild card virus swept through Belfast causing the Belfast Infection of '62. Her father drew the black queen on that fateful night, but her mother survived and Caitlyn endured a night of horror, watching as her pain-wracked mother suffered from dozens of bone spines pushing out from the original bone. Mother and daughter were soon relocated to Rathlin, an island 10km off Ireland's northern coast, where jokers had been taken in an effort to contain the spread of the wild card.

Caitlyn had initially thought that she had been spared the effects of the wild card, but time told her a different story as her appearance remained fixed at a perpetual age of sixteen. She also discovered that she was getting stiffer each year as her entire body slowly calcified and hardened.

Caitlin left Rathlin for the mainland after her mother died and found comfort in the arms of a deuce. The relationship ended soon after, but from it she bore a daughter, a girl she named Moira. The pair returned to Rathlin, where Caitlin found that she had become a pariah. The jokers resented her for leaving them and resented her decision to carry a child destined to suffer from the wild card as they had. Her fortunes changed in 1995 however, when Gary Bushorn arrived on the island and became trapped there as a political prisoner. Bushorn provided the comfort and companionship that she had long been denied.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Caitlin was a joker with very little outward change to mark her as a wild carder, but cursed with a slowly calcifying body that became completely rigid in her waning years.

Appearance Edit

Caitlin had red hair, a beautiful face, and a timeless sixteen year old appearance apparently untouched by age. In later years she could no longer turn her head and moved stiffly, and with great difficulty.

Personality Edit

Caitlin was a determined woman, determined to make the most of a bad hand and quietly resenting various betrayals that had marred her life.

Trivia Edit

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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