Carlotta DeSoto
Biographical Information
Real NameCarlotta DeSoto
AliasesJane Earle
Wild Card TraitsProjecting empath
Social Information
Place of BirthIowa, USA
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationStage comedienne
AffiliationsThe Village Idiot
RelativesBreton Earle (ex-husband)
AlliesBob Cortland
First AppearanceDeuces Down
CreatorWalton Simons

Carlotta DeSotto is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

As Jane, Carlotta had a tempestuous marriage to the wealthy Mr. Breton Earle. She escaped and filed for divorce, although her ex-husband refused to accept her departure and hired men to track her down and bring her back. Despite her name having been legally changed, they caught up with her at the Village Idiot, a comedy club where she had become a regular act.

Carlotta, with Bob Cortland, the Village Idiot's owner, evaded capture and the pair enlisted the help of Croyd Crenson, in gargoyle form, for bodyguard services. Crenson was effective at dealing with regular threats, but was no match for the Great Ape, and Bob had to request the additional aid of Hiram Worchester and Peregrine to rescue her when the ape snatched her and scaled the Empire State Building.

Breton Earle's men did locate her after the Great Ape incident however, and Carlotta and Bob were taken to meet with Mr. Earle. The pair used their weak abilities to escape and overpower Earle and his men, and then Crenson flew them both clear. Carlotta and Bob resolved to put distance between themselves and Earle, and set out on a new life together, far from New York.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Carlotta can make people laugh; make a crowd giggle, a few people laugh out loud, or, if she focused it on one person, completely incapacitate them. While the ability appears to be telepathic in nature, it also has the crutch of requiring her to speak in order to work. She generally needs to tell a quick joke to trigger the laugh reaction.

Appearance Edit

Carlotta is a beautiful woman with creamy skin, honey-blonde hair, delicate features, and an attractive figure.

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Carlotta's name was Jane Earle before she changed it.

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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