Chavvah Mendelberg
Biographical Information
Real NameChavvah Mendelberg
Wild Card TraitsRed eyes, long ears
Social Information
Place of BirthJokertown, USA
CitizenshipAmerican citizen
OccupationPolice captain
Base of OperationsFort Freak, Jokertown
AffiliationsNew York City Police Dept.
First AppearanceFort Freak

Chavvah Mendelberg is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Chavvah Mendelberg's family fled Nazi persecution to find themselves in New York just in time to be further afflicted when the wild card virus was released over Manhattan. Chavvah herself was born decades later in Jokertown with red eyes and long ears to betray the virus-warped family genes, and came to hate what the wild card had done to her. She strove to leave Jokertown behind, achieving well in her studies and finishing top of her class in police training, only to come full circle and get posted back in Jokertown's 5th precinct known locally as Fort Freak.

Still seeking escape from life as a joker, Mendelberg began taking bribes from the new York based Russian mob boss known as Uncle Ivan. In the course of her illicit dealings with the criminal underworld she was paid to disrupt all investigations into the missing jokers who were being kidnapped from Jokertown's streets to participate in a joker fight club. Despite her efforts Detective Francis Black persisted with a secret investigation of his own and when he went missing in pursuit of the culprits detectives Michael Stevens and Joan Lonnegan, along with the Midnight Angel, began to unravel their captain's complicity. Mendelberg was tracked and caught by the trio as she made her preparations to escape to Israel.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Touched by the wild card, Mendelberg drew the joker and gained red eyes and long ears. The long and frilly ears move independently in a manner that some find disturbing.


Mendelberg is a short woman with olive skin, long ears, and blood red eyes.


Chavvah Mendelberg is a no-nonsense woman, authoritative and severe. She secretly hates what the wild card virus has done for her appearance and wants nothing more than to rid herself of all vestiges of it.

Selected ReadingEdit

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