The Cosgrove Mortuary is a rambling three-level Victorian house-turned mortuary run by brothers Waldo Cosgrove, Titus Cosgrove, and Cosmo Cosgrove. It is a sprawling monstrosity with a great round turret in one corner, and a Gothic tower in another. Inside, the mortuary is suitably sombre with several viewing rooms carrying names like the East Parlor, the West Parlor, and the Round Room upstairs.

Waldo is usually the face of the establishment, greeting mourners at the door. His brother Cosmo is the other visible one, and has a deuce-level power to cast an illusion over the deceased that somehow makes them look better than when they were alive. Titus is the embalmer. Light is is harmful to him, so he works in solitude and in darkness.

Selected ReadingEdit

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