Location Details
Common Name
Crystal Palace
Full Name
Crystal Palace
Business Type
Inexpensive to moderate
Current Condition
Staff and Regulars
Elmo (bouncer),
Sascha Starfin (bartender),
Lupo (bartender),
Jube the Walrus (regular)

The Crystal Palace, located on Henry Street, is a bar with a few basic meals available on the menu. The meals aren't much to speak of, ranging from fish and chips to meat pies, although the Ploughman's Lunch (available in the afternoon) can be a satisfying filler. The bar does better on a range of drinks including cocktails and wines, and the English beers on tap are particularly good.

The proprietress is Chrysalis, who lives on the third floor and seldom leaves the building. She is often found in the establishment, sipping an amaretto, or trading gossip. If the price is right she will trade some of Jokertown's deeper secrets, a habit that gives the Crystal Palace a reputation as an information source as it is a bar.

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