Biographical Information
Real NameGlen Stephens
Wild Card TraitsAlbinism, memory reading
Social Information
Place of BirthUSA
CitizenshipAmerican citizen
AffiliationsShadow Fist Society
AlliesFadeout, Racist
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Deadhead is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Glen Stephens was an art student before his wild card turned and nearly drove him mad. After becoming a joker he also found that he had gained the ability to assimilate memories from any meat he consumed, most notably the brain. This aspect of his mutation drew him into the service of the Shadow Fist Society, for whom he played a useful role in information gathering.

Years later, Deadhead, as he had come to be known, was incarcerated in the Biological Isolation Containment Center in New Mexico. He made his escape during a prison riot when Genetrix opened a number of cells to create a diversion for her own escape, and went on the run with the Racist. Both he and the Racist were recaptured within the day by Billy Ray and a small team of other SCARE aces.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Aside from his obvious physical mutation, Deadhead has an ability to assimilate memories from the meat that he eats, both human and animal. By consuming human brains he can effectively read useful information about a person's experiences up until the time of their death.


Deadhead has dark hair and a pale white complexion. He is painfully thin, and yet folds of skin hang off him giving him a slightly flabby appearance despite his weak frame.


Deadhead suffers from his ability and tries to be a vegetarian, but cravings for meat soon drive him back to once-living flesh.

Selected ReadingEdit

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