Demon Princes
Biographical Information
Official NameDemon Princes
AliasesThe Demon Princes
TypeStreet gang
PurposeJoker solidarity and petty crime
Operational Information
Base of OperationsJokertown

The Demon Princes are a fictional criminal organization from the Wild Cards series of books. A criminal gang comprised entirely of jokers, the Demon Princes operate out of New York's Jokertown and for many years were secondary to the more powerful Werewolves.


The Demon Princes are currently the largest and meanest independent gang in Jokertown. They are also an exclusively joker gang and wield considerable power within the confines of Jokertown, but are not very well known outside of their own territory. The Princes were formed in the mid-1960s to protect joker turf from nat gangs who liked to come to Jokertown and beat up on the freaks. The Demons do not ordinarily harm or steal from jokers.

The Demon Princes are led by a man called Lucifer and are said to be organized along the lines of the Court of Hell. Each member takes on a new name upon joining the gang, usually something related to the Hell of Judeo-Christian beliefs or the underworlds of various pagan myths. Demon Princes wear numerous inverted crosses around their necks, or dangling from their ears or noses, or pinned to their clothes. Some members also tattoo their rank within the organization somewhere on their body.

The Princes are primarily into petty crime. They retail drugs purchased from larger criminal organizations, and run small-time protection rackets. Many gang members are rip-off artists. They have no qualms about selling illegal substances to jokers or accepting joker protection pay-offs. In fact, they feel that they are performing valuable community services in those areas.

During the 1980s the Demon Princes were eclipsed by the Werewolves as the primary joker gang in New York. This was primarily due to the fearsome reputation of the Werewolf leader Warlock and the rival gang's alliance with the Shadow Fist Society. At least once, Lazy Dragon, an ace and a Shadow Fist enforcer, was sent on a punitive mission to kill Demon Princes.

Since the collapse of the Shadow Fists following the death of Kien Phuc, and Warlock's later imprisonment in a facility for the criminally insane, the Princes have reasserted themselves once more and regularly recruit new members from amongst Jokertown's angry and impoverished youth, especially those with joker-ace abilities.

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