Devil John
Biographical Information
Real NameJohn Darlingfoot
AliasesDevil John
Wild Card TraitsSatyr leg, super leaping
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States with a criminal record
Base of OperationsJokertown
First AppearanceAces High
CreatorRoger Zelazny

Devil John Darlingfoot is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is a small time criminal joker with a distinctive goat-like right leg.


Darlingfoot had been in a previous altercation with Croyd Crenson, the Sleeper, by the time he was hired by members of the Egyptian Freemasons to recover a corpse from the morgue. Breaking in, he took the body, but was soon tracked by Crenson and Kid Dinosaur after he fled the scene. Crenson had also been hired to steal the body himself and this put the two career criminals at odds as they both needed it to collect on their payments.

Crenson broke the stand-off by offering a fee exceeding that which had been offered by the Masons, but instead of simply parting ways Darlingfoot proposed that they tie up loose ends, with Croyd helping to convince the Masons of the body's unfortunate destruction. When the pair attempted the ruse on Darlingfoot's contacts however, Kim Toy intervened and nearly scuttled Darlingfoot's plan altogether. The woman's pheromone-induced spell over the pair was broken when they inadvertently blocked her ace as they exposed the decomposing corpse. Darlingfoot and Crenson left the scene and parted company on amicable terms, with Darlingfoot unaware that his 'generous' payment of less than seven thousand dollars was a tiny fraction of the fifty thousand that Crenson had been offered.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Darlingfoot is a joker with a heavily mutated right leg. The leg, while bearing a resemblance to that of a goat, also has a high degree of strength and can be used to inflict a powerful kick, or leap approximately 20 feet. The mismatched legs give him a limping gait, with one human step alternating with an inhuman leap.


John Darlingfoot is a large, broad-shouldered man with thick red hair and beard, as well as heavy brows. His most distinctive feature is a furry right leg with a large hoof instead of a foot. He typically wears pants with the right pant leg torn off.


Darlingfoot is an ideas man who demonstrates bursts of inspiration when considering his immediate situation, although he tends to concoct horribly flawed plans when it comes to long-term situations.



Selected ReadingEdit


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