Biographical Information
Real NameElmo Schaeffer
Wild Card TraitsDwarfism, enhanced strength, enhanced durability
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
AffiliationsCrystal Palace, The Rox, Ackroyd Creighton Agency
AlliesChrysalis, Sascha Starfin,
First AppearanceWild Cards
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Elmo Shaeffer is the joker bouncer of the Crystal Palace who works in conjunction with Sascha Starfin to keep the place quiet. Elmo is four feet tall and nearly as wide, with the strength of five men. You walk in with an attitude, Sascha gives him the nod and Elmo carries you out.


Elmo is a simple man. He was devoted to his boss, Chrysalis. He was arrested for suspicion in her murder and was only released when Hiram Worchester was finally arrested weeks later.

With the Palace gone, and most of his friends likewise, Elmo became aimless, eventually ending up on the Rox. When the Rox fell, Elmo somehow avoided leaving with it and ended back out on the streets in Jokertown.

Eventually, along with Sascha Starfin, he later became an operative for the Ackroyd Creighton Agency.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Elmo has very enhanced strength. He has the combined strength of five men. Possesses enhanced durability.


  • Elmo is one of those rare characters who is present throughout the series.

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