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Insectoid body structure, leaping ability, self-regeneration.
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The Embe are an alien species. They originate from a low gravity world and have developed a physiology similar to that of a grasshopper. Descriptions of one representative, an "Embe nymph", include powerful hind legs, a chitinous exoskeleton, and a fur-covered body.


The Embe are a member race of the Network, a vast interstellar trading collective. They are well adapted for operating in solitude and for this reason have proven to be valuable to the Network for extremely isolated postings. One such scout was the Embe nymph, Ekkedme, who had been left as an observer in high orbit around the Earth from 1952 for more than three decades alone.

They are known to be semi-prolific among the Network, and have representatives on dozens of worlds. Aside from a notable affinity for solitude the Embe are also a technologically advanced race, having built such equipment as singularity shifters (a device used as a power source and capable of instantaneous matter transportation).


The Embe nymph, Ekkedme, had an insect-like body with long back legs reminiscent of a grasshopper's legs. The nymph's body was a chitinous exoskeleton covered in white fur. His eyes were mounted on the sides of his head and he had vestigial wings on his back. After death, this body quickly decayed in Earth's environment, the internal muscle structure and organs liquefying over the course of a day, leaving only the chitin plates behind.

An Embe nymph can use the powerful back legs to leap great distances, although Earth's higher gravity is such that a nymph is severely hampered in this ability. They also have some form of conscious self-regeneration and are able to regenerate damaged tissue by an act of concentration.

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