Biographical Information
Wild Card Traitseyes red with black irises
Social Information
Place of BirthPort-au-Prince, Haiti
Occupationex-prostitute, secretary
Base of OperationsNew York City, formerly Port-au-Prince
AffiliationsTi Malice's mounts
First AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Ezili-je-Rouge is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

Ezili-je-Rouge was picked out of the Port-au-Prince slums by Ti Malice to become one of his most trusted mounts. It was in this capacity, operating as a prostitute, that she ensnared Hiram Worchester to become another mount while he was visiting Port-au-Prince's Royal Haitian Hotel. When Ti Malice had himself smuggled to America by Hiram, Ezili-je-Rouge was soon to follow.

In New York, Ezili gladly assisted Ti Malice in corrupting one of his most innocent mounts, Water Lily. Later, while in Atlanta, Ezili performed the same role again only this time with Ti Malice's newest mount, Dr. Tachyon's grandson, Blaise Andrieux. Ezili happily fellated the young teen while Ti Malice used the boy's telepathic powers to coerce an insectoid joker into ripping off its own limbs. Shortly thereafter Jay Akroyd used his projecting teleport power to send Ti Malice into the land of his nightmares.

After Jay Akroyd disposed of Ti Malice, Ezili was cast adrift like the tiny joker's other mounts. It is unknown how she overcame the powerful addiction to pleasure induced by Ti Malice's bite, but when she next resurfaced it was as a secretary working for Jay Akroyd and Jeremiah Strauss's detective agency. Aside from her regular duties, Ezili was also Strauss's lover.

Appearance Edit

Ezili-je-Rouge is a beautiful woman with thick dark hair falling to her waist and her eyes, dark irises floating in pools of scarlet. Her skin is a light coffee shade.

Personality Edit

Ezili-je-Rouge is amoral and hedonistic. As a mount she was utterly devoted to Ti Malice and considered herself a partner in his indulgences, rather than the pet that she really was. She has no formal education, but is a shrewd and intelligent woman nonetheless.

Trivia Edit

  • Ezili-je-Rouge means "Red-Eyed Ezili", and she was named after the voodoo loa Ezili, the spirit of love.
  • Due to her solid red eyes with black irises, Ezili must carry some trace of the wild card virus and, since she has demonstrated no ace or deuce traits, would technically be a joker in spite of her physical beauty.

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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