Fire Boy
Biographical Information
AliasesFire Boy
Wild Card TraitsFire breath
Social Information
Base of OperationsKisengani, Congo
First AppearanceSuicide Kings

Fire Boy is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Fire Boy was one among many children who were forcibly injected with a cultivated strain of the wild card virus in order to build a force of aces for the People's Paradise of Africa. He was one of the lucky few to have drawn an ace. Created late in the program, he had barely turned his ace when members of the United Nations-sponsored Committee attacked and scuttled the operation. Fire Boy was rescued from the Red House, on of the main wild card laboratories, and taken to a liberated compound at Kisengani, where he met and was immediately befriended by Adesina.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Fire Boy can blast a gout of flame from his mouth. His control was limited in the early days of his becoming an ace, and attempts to open his mouth for simple tasks, like speaking, sometimes became a lethal fiery blast.

Selected ReadingEdit

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