NYPD 5th precinct, commonly known as Fort Freak, is a four storey white building sandwiched in between two red brick buildings on the edge of Jokertown. Given its proximity to Jokertown, the precinct gradually evolved into a hub of wild card activity, both criminal and law enforcer alike. In the 21st Century it has become standard operating procedure for 5th precinct beat cops to partner a wild carder with a nat.

Fort Freak Personnel, 21st CenturyEdit

Senior personnelEdit


  • Sergeant Jessica Penniman (Sergeant Squinch), lockup
  • Sergeant Homer Taylor (Wingman), desk
  • Sergeant Vivian Choy (Tienyu), patrol


  • Detective-Investigator, 3rd Grade, James McTate (Slim Jim)
  • Detective-Investigator, 2nd Grade, Tenry Fong
  • Detective-Investigator, 1st Grade, Joan Lonnegan (Razor Joan)
  • Detective-Investigator, 2nd Grade, Mitch Moore (Shades)

Beat copsEdit

  • Lawrence Bronkowski (Bugeye)
  • Miranda Michaelson (Rikki)

Special detailsEdit

  • Thomas Driscoll (Tabby), undercover
  • Dina Quattore (K-10), K9 detail
  • Dr. Otto Gordon (Gordon the Ghoul), forensic pathologist

Fort Freak Personnel, 20th CenturyEdit



Selected ReadingEdit

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