Location Details
Common Name
Full Name
Business Type
Current Condition
Staff and Regulars
Sheila (bartender),
Bareback (dancer),
Bruce (bouncer),
Croyd Crenson (regular)

Freakers is a bar near Chatham Square in Jokertown, New York City. It exists firmly rooted on the seedier side of eating establishments, with watered down drinks and only the most basic of menus. A neon sign on the front depicting a six-breasted joker with her feet spaced well apart makes clear the kind of business one can expect inside. The main entrance is between the legs of the neon stripper.

The pricing in Freakers is moderate, although the quality of the menu is questionable. The entertainment, on the other hand, is good and boasts an array of dancers who perform on a revolving stage. Many of these are jokers and this fact alone makes Freakers an establishment of note. A side room, complete with it's own miniature stage, off the main entertainment floor also caters for patrons looking for entertainment of a more private nature.

Trivia Edit

  • Although in Jokertown, and featuring joker dancers, joker patrons are not allowed.

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