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GURPS Wild Cards

GURPS WC cover lg

Published By
Steve Jackson Games
First Published
John J. Miller

GURPS Wild Cards is a detailed source book from Steve Jackson Games, designed as a supplement to the GURPS Supers rules for Steve Jackson Games' Generic Universal Roleplaying System. It includes a comprehensive history of how the creators of the Wild Cards universe came to create their world.


  • Detailed background, history and timeline of the Wild Cards world.
  • Summary of life in Jokertown, with specific mentions of several points of interest.
  • Overviews of many of the organizations active in the world (current as of 1989).
  • Rules for creating ace and joker characters for use with GURPS.
  • Complete biographies and descriptions of more than 60 prominent Wild Cards characters, with statistics for use with the GURPS Supers rule set.

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