Biographical Information
Social Information
OccupationBar proprietor
Base of OperationsNew York City
AlliesDorian Wilde, Moon Goon
First AppearanceAce in the Hole

Gatekeeper is a fictional character the in Wild Cards series of books. He is the owner and proprietor of Jokers Wild, a sinister and dark cabaret that convenes every night in Rats Alley. He acts as both the doorman and master of ceremonies for Jokers Wild, screening the patrons on their way in, and then announcing the first act of the night by whipping off his mask and asking the crowd, "Is everybody hurting?" At the end of the night he ushers the last guests out, and then packs up the door frame after them, leaving no trace of the bar but a blank wall.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

The full extent of Gatekeeper's power, if any, remains as shrouded in secrecy as the man himself. The door frame that he carries around with him opens access to a pocket dimension within which Jokers Wild exists, but whether this is a creation of Gatekeeper, or just something he found, remains unclear.

Some have claimed that Gatekeeper can see a person's soul. He doesn't let everyone into Jokers Wild - only those with at least a touch of sin.

Gatekeeper's true face is reported to be an expressionless visage, occasionally pushed into a crude rictus of a smile by his own gloved fingers.


Gatekeeper has a body like a sack of rejected potatoes, usually shrouded in a black silk garment, and topped by a mask reported to be made from the skin of a clown.

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