Biographical Information
Real NameYerodin
Wild Card TraitsIntangibility, levitation
Social Information
Place of BirthThe Congo
Base of OperationsJerusha Carter Childhood Development Institute, Jokertown
RelativesRustbelt (adoptive father)
AlliesCesar, Rustbelt
First AppearanceSuicide Kings
CreatorGeorge R.R. Martin

Ghost is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Ghost was one of many Congolese children injected with the wild card virus to create aces loyal to the People's Paradise of Africa, and was one of the lucky few who survived the process. For her first mission she was armed with a knife and sent to hunt Rustbelt as he trekked through the jungle on a mission to destroy the PPA wild card project, but she found that while keeping pace with him was easy, murdering him was not. She spent days dogging his trail, and would resume her physical state to try and cut him with a knife every time he slept, but his iron skin was far too tough. Murderous intent gave way to frustration, and eventually curiosity. The pair actually developed a rapport through the ordeal, and Rusty ultimately took her back to the United States after his mission was complete.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Ghost can phase herself into a non-corporeal state, becoming a white apparition. In this form she floats along above the ground willing herself to move at any speed without the need to perform any physical activity for locomotion. She can carry an indeterminant amount of additional mass with her in her phased state, and anything on her person will adopt the same intangible qualities.


A girl of African ethnicity, Ghost often appears as a white apparition floating a short distance off the ground.


Ghost has grown into a happy child from a life previously marred by the trauma of war in the Congo.


  • Ghost and some of the other rescued children at the Carter School took to calling Rustbelt "Wallywally."
  • Ghost likes a spread she calls PBM (peanut butter and mango).

Selected ReadingEdit

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