Biographical Information
Real NameJames Krakowiez
Wild Card TraitsTechnological genius
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationMusician, tinkerer
Base of OperationsNew York City
AffiliationsThe Jokertown Boys
AlliesCharles Dutton
First AppearanceDeuces Down
CreatorKevin Andrew Murphy

James "Gimcrack" Krakowiez is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is the keyboard player for The Jokertown Boys and also serves as their technical wizard.

History Edit

Gimcrack grew up in an orphanage along with five other boys with whom he later formed the gothic rock band, The Jokertown Boys. On his road to small time music stardom he also worked for Charles Dutton, reselling various budget goods for a commission.

Wild Card Traits Edit

When Gimcrack's card turned he drew an ace and became something of a wild card idiot savant. He has an ability to tinker with gadgets, modifying them to do far more than their design would normally allow. The downside to his ace is that it also made him literal minded in the absolute sense, rendering him extremely gullible. If he buys a universal remote, he believes that it is truly universal, and then he proceeds to modify it to the point that it really is.

Appearance Edit

Gimcrack is a handsome man with dark hair, and permanent five o'clock shadow ghosting his jaw that gave him a mature appearance in his twenties.

Personality Edit

Jim is literal minded and gullible. He believes everything printed on consumer goods packaging and everything anyone tells him is taken literally. He is frequently horrified by figurative phrases and is often puzzled by Pretty Paulie's assessments of women who "look hot" when they wear limited clothing. He believes in the information printed on consumer goods implicitly and is frequently bemused when the items fail to live up to their claims. Rather than be disappointed however, he simply modifies them to behave exactly as advertised.

Another curious aspect of Jim's unusual mind is his frank honesty. Lacking various social graces ingrained into most adults, Jim will forthrightly announce details that other people find embarrassing.

Trivia Edit

  • Jim believes that he is really a latent, and nobody has been able to convince him otherwise.
  • Jim believes Santa Clause really exists.
  • Quote: "Look what I just got."

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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