Gisele Bacourt
Biographical Information
Real NameGisele Bacourt
Alien SpeciesHalf-Takisian
Social Information
Place of BirthFrance
CitizenshipFrench citizen, deceased
Base of OperationsParis, France
AffiliationsCommunist Party (France)
RelativesDr. Tachyon (father), Danelle Dorcy (mother), François Andrieux (husband), Blaise Jeannot Andrieux (son), Illyana (granddaughter)
CreatorMelinda Snodgrass

Gisele Bacourt was Tachyon's illegitimate daughter, and mother of Blaise Jeannot Andrieux. Due to her paternal heritage, she was half Takisian. She was married to François Andrieux, the father of Blaise.

History Edit

Gisele was born to Danelle Dorcy after a lengthy affair with Dr. Tachyon when he lived in exile. Due to Dorcy's political affiliations with the far left, the girl grew up in an environment of activism and rhetoric of a new French Revolution. At some point she met François Andrieux and married him in 1971, then bore a son in 1975. This did nothing to curb her adventurism however, and eventually her life of danger came to an end when she was killed in a shoot-out in 1984.

Alien Traits Edit


From Dr. Tachyon through Blaise, to Illyana

While she never exhibited any outward signs of her Taskisian father's alien heritage, Gisele passed on a small measure of telepathic ability to her son, Blaise.

Appearance Edit

Gisele was an attractive woman with red hair and a narrow face.

Trivia Edit

Selected Reading Edit

  • Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad - "Mirrors of the Soul"

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