Alien Species
Created By
George R.R. Martin
Alien Traits
Tusks, tough dermal tissue, high tolerance for cold.
First Appearance
Wild Cards Volume II: Aces High - "Jube"
Notable Individuals

Glabberans are an extraterrestrial alien race bearing a resemblance to a humanoid walrus. They originate from Glabber, a small, cold world with connections to the Network.

Society Edit

Glabberans are a primitive race. Any advanced technology that they possess has been obtained through trade via the Network. All told, only one-hundred or so glabberans have ever left Glabber to explore the further reaches of space. One such individual is Jube the Walrus, who sought adventure and travel, and so signed a lifetime contract with a Master Trader.

Biology Edit

Glabber is a cold world and its people have developed an extreme tolerance for cold temperatures. Short, fat bodies minimise the surface area of each member of the race, ensuring a strong basic structure for body heat retention. A tough hide further insulates them against the cold and provides some degree of damage resistance.

Appearance Edit

If Jube is anything to go by, glabberans have a distinctive appearance that gives them an uncanny resemblance to Earth's walruses. Not only do they bear a shape and colouring reminiscent of walruses, but they also have a pair of large tusks protruding from their upper mouth.

Selected Reading Edit

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