Hannah Jorde
Biographical Information
Real NameHannah Jorde
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Base of OperationsNew York

Hannah Jorde is a minor character that appears in the One-Eyed Jacks novel. She is a psychologist and apparently has a thriving practice in New York. She becomes involved with Veronica, a prostitute/geisha from Fortunato's former brothel.

History Edit

There is little information on Hannah's background. Apparently sometime in her youth she was involved with a radical feminist organization called WORSE - "Women's Organization to Reach Sexual Equality".

As Veronica's therapist she became infatuated with her patient, claiming that she saw a lot of herself and her former mistakes in Veronica. They began an intense relationship as Veronica attempted to leave her former life and deal with her addiction.

The relationship was cut short when Hannah became a victim of the Jumpers. While running an errand in a bank with her girlfriend, she was possessed and started a gunfight, killing one of the bank's security guards before being subdued and arrested. She was placed in a holding cell and was later found hanging from a pipe. It is unclear whether or not Hannah committed suicide or was forced to suicide herself by a Jumper to cover their tracks. It is also unclear if her association with WORSE was terminated ,as she confided to Veronica, or if she was still an active member (during Veronica's interrogation the police affirms that she was the president of the organization, but that might have just been a bait).

Appearance Edit

Hannah is in her forties, crops her blond hair in a short crew cut and doesn't wear make up. When not working, she prefers practical clothing like a gray sportcoat over a white T-shirt and loose drawstring pants. Veronica's first impression was "dyke", but she also describes her as beautiful.

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