For the American Hero contestant, see Hardhat II.
Radical v Hardhat
Biographical Information
Real NameWojtek Grabowski
Wild Card TraitsEnhanced strength and durability
Social Information
Place of BirthPoland
OccupationConstruction worker
RelativesAnna Grabowski (wife)
First AppearanceWild Cards
CreatorVictor Milán

Wojtek "Hardhat" Grabowski is a Polish immigrant and a conservative ace who fought the Radical in People's Park.

History Edit

Wojtek Grabowski suffered greatly in the Second World War, watching family members die and his sister disappear into a brothel. Becoming a partisan fighter himself he married Anna, a woman with whom he later conceived a child. He sent his pregnant wife ahead of him to America in a bid for a better life and followed later when he could.

Upon arriving in the United States Grabowski witnessed the first Wild Card Day from the deck of a refugee boat. Staunchly Catholic, he later attributed the effects of the virus to the work of the Devil. His arrival led him to another horrifying discovery when he found himself unable to locate his wife and child. He searched for them for years without success.

In 1970 Grabowski's conservative views led him to join in with his co-workers when they decided to do something about a student demonstration in People's Park. When he arrived he saw Destiny lead singer Tom Marion Douglas wading into the confrontation and immediately attacked the man. Eventually he was brought down by a blow from the Radical, another ace who had intruded on the scene, although it was later believed that the sight of Anna in the crowd had muted the Pole's aggression-related ace, leaving him vulnerable. This was thought to be a result of Douglas's "Lizard King" power.

Spurred on by the vision he has seen in the crowd Grabowski searched the Bay Area for several weeks in the hope that it might have been his daughter, again without success. Three weeks after the People's Park incident he disappeared entirely, presumably carrying his search further afield.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Grabowski gains muscle mass when he becomes angry. The increase in bulk is accompanied by a vastly increased strength and resistance to harm.

Appearance Edit

Wojtek Grabowski is short and dark haired. When enraged, his ace bulks up his body to heavily muscled proportions.

Personality Edit

Wojtek Grabowski is a principled man, staunchly Catholic in his beliefs and fiercely conservative. He was brought up listening to classical music and detests the drug-fuelled sounds of late 60's rock music, especially that played by Destiny.

Trivia Edit

Selected Reading Edit

  • Wild Cards Volume I: Wild Cards "Transfigurations"

References Edit

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