Biographical Information
Alien Species'Ishb'kaukab
Alien TraitsFlight, ghost lance, ghost drive, laser, telekinesis, telepathy, vacuum support, pressure support
Social Information
Place of BirthTakis
CitizenshipProperty of Zabb
OccupationMilitary combat vessel
Base of OperationsTakis
First AppearanceAces High

Hellcat is a Courser-class symbiont ship belonging to Zabb.

History Edit

Hellcat was grown in orbit around Takis. Wild and arrogant, she was deemed to be untrainable, which suited Zabb just fine. He was a renowned ship trainer among Takisians and saw Hellcat's attitude as a challenge to be conquered. When the orbital training facility released Hellcat she, with Zabb on board, went haring off into space. The pair came limping back to Takis two weeks later, with Zabb victorious and Hellcat noticeably subdued.

Hellcat suffered extensive damage in 1986 when she was used to transport a team of Takisians to Earth on a mission to recapture Dr. Tachyon and return him to Takis. She came into contact with Swarm pods which launched a biological and physical assault that ruined her ghost lance and killed four of the Takisians on board. An altercation with Baby soon afterwards damaged her even further.

Alien Traits Edit

Hellcat is a biologically engineered Takisian symbiont ship grown for military purpose. As such she is fast and agile, equipped with a ghost lance and a ghostdrive gland. She also has a conventional laser to round out her offensive weapons.

Internally she can modify her passenger compartments at will to provide seating or work surfaces as needed. Bulkheads can act as view screens to display images sent telepathically or simply observed from the surrounding area. This ability to alter her internal structure also allows her to heal from damage. Telekinetic force is internalised to provide inertial dampening for occupants during high acceleration course changes.

Appearance Edit

Hellcat is described as a spiked darkness alive with tiny lights. Her surfaces are presumably comparable to Baby's which have been described as like coral, or porous rock.

Personality Edit

Hellcat is arrogant and vicious. She has only one master and that is Zabb.

Trivia Edit

  • Hellcat communicates to telepaths in a form that when presented in English uses archaic language. Her telepathic 'speech' uses words like "thou" in place of "you".

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