Character Info
Created By
Citizen of the United States; Married
Rocket Scientist
Base of Operations
White Sands (in the 1940s)
First Appearance
US Army

Herbert L. Cranston was a rocket scientist born in Cape May, New Jersey. In 1946, he was stationed at the White Sands military base when an alien spaceship landed close to the base. Cranston was on one of the jeeps that drove to the ship. By then, the alien Dr. Tachyon had already emerged from the spaceship. Cranston was the first human being to talk to Dr. Tachyon and shake the alien's hand, when he welcomed Tachyon to Earth.

Cranston related his meeting with Tachyon many times, most famously to writer and journalist Studs Terkel who included it in his book Wild Times: An Oral History of the Postwar Years.

Quotes Edit

I was the first human being to speak to him. That's God's truth, I don't care what anybody else tells you, it was me. I got out of the jeep and stuck out my hand and said, "Welcome to America."

Years later, when I saw Michael Rennie come out of that flying saucer in The Day the Earth Stood Still I leaned over to the wife and said, "Now that is the way an alien emissary ought to look."

Selected Reading Edit

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