Hero Twins
Mayan Hero Twins (Hunapu&Xbalanque)
Biographical Information
PurposeRevolution, state leadership
Operational Information
Place of FormationGuatemala
Period ActiveFounded 1987
Event Participant1987 Guatemala Revolution
First AppearanceAces Abroad

The Hero Twins are Hunapu and Xbalanque, two Mayans of Guatemala, who have been united as spiritual brothers through their mutual visitations to Xibalba, and their unified goal of establishing an Amerindian paradise in Guatemala.


Individually the Hero Twins had visited Xibalba, the Quiché Hades, and had spoken with the Mayan gods. They had been granted a mission to seek out each other at Guatemala City and lead the Mayan people to freedom from oppression from the Ladinos. Each of them began their journeys alone, but soon acquired followers. Both of the armies were viewed as a threat by the Guatemalan military and challenged. The ace powers of the Hero Twins prevailed over the government attacks and both successfully reached their objective.

Esteban Akabal, their silver tongued advisor, hatched a plan to exploit the presence of the WHO tour which coincidentally was visiting Guatemala City at the same time. The presence of the Americans ensured a tense ceasefire between the insurrection and the government forces for a time, and Akabal also used the opportunity to attract additional media attention. Although the WHO delegation rebuffed the Hero Twins, due to their unwillingness to become involved in a political upheaval, Akabal viewed their tense meeting with the Hero Twins as a success thanks to the resulting media attention.

The Guatemalan government forces broke the stalemate after the WHO delegation had left by launching an attack on the rebel army encampment. Many rebels and non-combatants were killed in the fighting, but once Hunapu singled out the general leading the military attack, he teleported the man out and executed him in front of them in a brutal example of ancient Mayan culture. The military retreated leading to a lengthy impasse between the two opposing forces.



  • Esteban Akabal - Advisor, campaign organiser
  • Maria - Spiritual disciple
  • Bol - Military strategist
  • Chan K'in - Spiritual disciple. Slain en route to Guatemala City.
  • Maxine Chen - CBS Broadcasting Inc. journalist. Briefly aligned herself with the insurrection, and split from it after the execution of the Guatemalan army general.

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