Location Details


Common Name
Full Name
Business Type
Mask Shop
Expensive to very expensive
Current Condition
Staff and Regulars
New York City/Jokertown

Holbrook's is a fictional location from the Wild Cards series of books.


Holbrook's is a small place, dimly lit, but richly appointed. Draped with dark velvet curtains, there are displays of elaborate tribal masks as well as some expensive, commercially produced masks.

Background HistoryEdit

In Jokertown you could buy a cheap plastic mask for under two bucks in any candy store, good enough to hide your face, but in Jokertown a cheap mask is like a cheap suit.

One of Charles Dutton’s first business ventures in Jokertown, Holbrook's sells some expensive, commercially produced masks, but their specialty is one-of-a-kind creations that can cost several thousand dollars apiece. They can even build custom prescription eyepieces made to fit any mask you buy.

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