Biographical Information
Real NameJuliet Summers
Wild Card TraitsAnimated skin art
Social Information
Place of BirthKorea
Event ParticipantAmerican Hero
AlliesBubbles, Hoodoo Mama
First AppearanceInside Straight
CreatorCaroline Spector

Ink is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Juliet Summers was born in Korea and adopted by an American family. She eventually found her way into work as a personal assistant, chaperoning various aces on the American Hero television series. During this time she got into a relationship with the American Hero contestant, Bubbles.

After Bubbles left the show and joined the Committee, Ink was herself scouted by Nephi Callendar, the government ace known as Straight Arrow. Her PA skills were a valuable asset at SCARE where she worked for Callendar personally, and she enjoyed her new job. The same could not be said of her role after his retirement, and she found his replacement Billy Ray to be a constant source of frustration.

She left the service of SCARE when Bubbles was left in a coma in New Orleans. Ink's girlfriend had absorbed the power of a nuclear explosion, and had gained so much mass that she could not be moved. Ink and Hoodoo Mama spent the next year keeping vigil over Bubbles, and doing their best to prevent Michelle's parents from having the life support shut off.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Ink has voluntary control over the tattoos on her body and can change their design and location on her body. Her control is fine enough to be able to communicate by scrolling text on her skin. She sometimes alters her tattoos to reflect her emotional state.


Ink is Asian in appearance, with spiky dark hair. Her most distinguishing feature is a set of tattoos that she can cause to crawl across her skin at will. Ink can will her tattoos to be anything from querying text to tribal markings. They usually disappear entirely while she is asleep.


Ink is brave to the point where she would willingly follow Bubbles into danger, but this is an unrealistic expectation for her without any potent abilities to draw on. Being left behind is a frequent source of discontent for her.


  • Ink indulges in frequent sexually explicit email exchanges with Bubbles.

Selected ReadingEdit

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