J.C. Jayewardene
Biographical Information
Real NameJ.C. Jayewardene
Wild Card TraitsPrecognition
Social Information
Place of BirthSri Lanka
CitizenshipCitizen of Sri Lanka
Event Participant1987 WHO Tour
Base of OperationsSri Lanka
AffiliationsUnited Nations, Sri Lankan government
AlliesThe Committee, Fortunato
First AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorWalton Simons

J.C. Jayewardene is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books and carries the ace ability to dream of events from the future.


J.C. Jayewardene had a successful career as a diplomat for the Sri Lankan government, and by the late 1980's had served as such in embassies all over the globe for over thirty years. In 1987 he was the Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior, serving as government liaison for the filming of the movie King Pongo. While the WHO tour delegates were in the vicinity, the Great Ape which had been brought to the island nation to stand in for the movie's giant ape, escaped and carried the lead actress off into the jungle. Jayewardene teamed up with several of the WHO tour delegates to stop the beast and was instrumental in identifying the persona of Jeremiah Strauss trapped within.

Later that same year, he joined Fortunato in a pilgrimage to a Japanese monastery in the hope that he might rid himself of his power.

Two decades later, Jayewardene had long since returned to the life of a diplomat when he was elected to the role of secretary-general of the United Nations. His first action in the role was to try and stop the genocide in Egypt, but instead he was kidnapped by Caliph Abdul-Alim, and held prisoner. Shortly after forces loyal to the Caliphate were routed by a motley collection of wild carders from the American Hero television show, Jayewardene found himself rescued from his predicament by the ace teleporter Bahir. So impressed by the actions of the American group that had beaten the Caliph's army, he offered them continued service with the U.N. in a group answering directly to the secretary-general's office. He called this new group the Committee on Extraordinary Interventions.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

J.C. Jayewardene can dream of events in the future.


Jayewardene is small, portly, and gentle looking with a whisper of a moustache.


Jayewardene is modest and unassuming, but firm. He can be shy around women, especially foreign ones. He also considers his ability more of a burden than a gift and would like to rid himself of it.

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad - "The Teardrop of India"
  • Wild Cards Volume XVIII: Inside Straight
    • "Blood on the Sun"
    • "Jonathan Hive" (Give the Wookie a Medal)

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