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The JB-1 was the world's first jet plane. It was built by Professor Silverberg in 1939, with the help of mechanic Linc Traynor and their apprentice, young Bobby Tomlin, who would later become internationally famous as Jetboy. Nazi spies heard about the plane and came to New Jersey to steal the invention and kidnap Silverberg. They ended up killing Professor Silverberg, and Bobby Tomlin used the jet plane to gain revenge, strafing the getaway car full of nazis.

After that, Bobby Tomlin moved to Europe to fight in World War II, becoming very famous as the kid with the experimental jet plane, soon nicknamed Jetboy. The red twin-engine jet plane became an icon, as famous as Jetboy himself. In 1946, when Robert Tomlin came back to the US and briefly retired from his life of adventures, he tried to sell the airplane, with no success. When he fought his last battle with Dr. Tod above the skies of New York City in September 15 of 1946, the JB-1 was destroyed, bits and pieces of it raining all over the Hudson Terminal.

A perfect replica of the jet plane can be seen inside Jetboy's Tomb, a monument in homage to the fallen hero.

Appearance Edit

The JB-1 was a twin-engine jet plane with red fuselage. The plane had a length of 31 feet, and a wingspan of 33 feet. It had a high thin rudder, and rear elevators shaped like the tail of a brook trout. The only markings on the plane were four nonstandard United States Army Air Force stars in a black roundel, and the serial number JB-1 on the top right and bottom left wings and beneath the rudder.

Capabilities Edit

The plane had two engines with thrust of 1.200 lb each. It could reach a maximum speed of 600 mph. The JB-1 could climb up to 25.000 feet and had a pressurized cabin. It had a range of 650 miles, or 1.000 miles with drop tanks added. The plane's main weaponry were four 20mm cannons located in the wing roots between the engines, and one 75mm gunport below and to the left of the cockpit. There were also two rear-firing machine guns under each of the rear elevators. The JB-1 was equiped with an all-weather radar set, allowing flight under conditions of poor light.

Trivia Edit

  • In the real world, the first jet plane ever built was the Heinkel He 178, a German turbojet.

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