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Jetboy Comics is the name of a monthly comic book series featuring fictionalized versions of the adventures of real-life hero Jetboy. It was published in the 1940s by Cosh Comics Company. The comic was a big success, selling 500.000 copies a month. At first, Jetboy Comics was edited by Mr. Farrel and featured realistic adventures with Jetboy fighting in the war, cleaning up spy rings, etc. It had no more than two 10-page stories of Jetboy per issue, and also had articles on real people and events related to aviation. In the winter of 1945, Farrel passed away and a new editor took over, Mr. Lowboy. The comic changed direction dramatically and the stories became longer and more fantastic, with science fiction and horror-themed tales.

Some of the most popular issues were Jetboy and the Third Reich, Jetboy on Dinosaur Island (a representative of the later, fantastical phase), and the final issue, the real one, Jetboy and the Aliens, featuring an account of Jetboy's last adventure, when he sacrificed himself trying to stop the release of the wild card virus in September of 1946.

Jetboy Comics remains a classical comic book series to this day. Two famous fans of the comic were the Great and Powerful Turtle and Kid Dinosaur, both of them famous aces and devoted to Jetboy's example.

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