Biographical Information
Real NameHoward Hawkwood
Wild Card TraitsInventive genius,
Gadgets: Flight, non-lethal weaponry
Social Information
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, USA
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Event ParticipantAmerican Hero
Base of OperationsPhiladelphia
AffiliationsTeam Diamonds
First AppearanceInside Straight

Jetman is a minor character from the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Jetman became an avid fan of the exploits of Jetboy. Gifted with the ace ability to create advanced gadgetry that only works for him, he took his talent to the television show, American Hero.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Jetman invents gadgets that will only work within close proximity to him.


  • Jetpack
  • Jetboots
  • Netgun
  • Gasgun - sleeping gas


Jetman habitually wears a costume including a shark fin-style helmet and rocket pack, accompanying a World War II-era pilot's fatigues.

Personality Edit

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