Joe Sarzanno
Biographical Information
Real NameJoe Sarzanno
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Base of OperationsNew York City
RelativesRose Sarzanno (mother)
AlliesCroyd Crenson
First AppearanceWild Cards
Final AppearanceWild Cards
CreatorRoger Zelazny

Joe Sarzanno is a minor character from the Wild Cards series of books.


Joe Sarzanno was a childhood friend of Croyd Crenson. They studied in the same school class in ninth grade. Joe was more cool-headed and mature than Croyd. In September 15 of 1946, when the chaos started in New York City with the release of the wild card virus, Croyd and Joe escaped from school together, trying to reach their homes. They parted ways after three blocks (and a few hours of congested streets), since Joe lived east from school, and Croyd south. Croyd never saw Joe again.

They were both infected by the virus. Croyd became the Sleeper, a man locked in perpetual metamorphosis, changing appearances and powers whenever he slept. Joe Sarzanno became a hideous joker. Afterwards, Croyd tried to visit Joe in his home, but Joe's mother didn't let Croyd in. Soon after, the Sarzanno family moved to Jokertown. The exact nature of Joe Sarzanno's jokerism was never revealed.

Trivia Edit

Roger Zelazny planned to tell a story revealing whatever happened to Joe Sarzanno. Sadly, Zelazny died in 1995, and the story will never be told.

Selected ReadingEdit

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