Joey DiAngelis
Biographical Information
Real NameJoey DiAngelis
AliasesJunkyard Joey
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationDemolition derby driver, mechanic
RelativesDom (father), Gina (wife), Derek (son)
First AppearanceWild Cards
CreatorGeorge R.R. Martin

Joey DiAngelis is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books. He is the long-standing friend, ally, and occasional sidekick to the Great and Powerful Turtle, but ironically has gained more fame as a driver of cars on the demolition derby circuit.

History Edit

Joey DiAngelis, sometimes called "Junkyard Joey", was a scrawny kid from New Jersey and had grown up learning about cars in his father's junkyard. He first met Thomas Tudbury when the latter had come under attack from school bullies and witnessed Tudbury's power when one of Tudbury's pet turtles went hurtling through the air. The pair had been the best of friends ever since, Joey as both the saviour and the one person who knew Tudbury's secret.

It was Joey who initially talked Thomas down from his grand plan to become a hero ace, pointing out that his friend's vulnerabilities, but soon agreed to assist when Thomas pitched the idea of building a protective shell. Joey provided the chassis and bodywork, while Thomas wired up the electronics. Later when the ace had started making a name for himself as the Great and Powerful Turtle, DiAngelis would sometimes accompany him wearing a rubbery frog mask.

In later years Junkyard Joey DiAngelis sold his father's scrap yard to Thomas and became a star driver in the demolition derby circuit.

Appearance Edit

Originally a scrawny child, Joey became a bit more padded in later life, taking on his father's love of beer.

Personality Edit

Joey is a toughened individual having grown up in a life with limited opportunities. He is well-accustomed to risk-taking and often faces down tense situations with an air of cheerful bravado.

Trivia Edit

  • Joey never adopted a nickname for his outings with the Turtle. He was usually just referred to as "Froggy", or "Frog-face", in light of his mask, and once introduced himself as "The Great and Powerful Turtle's mean-ass sidekick."

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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