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Citizen of the United States
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John was a joker with avian features. He met and befriended the Sleeper in 1947. John was a typical joker, ashamed of his deformed appearance, running from the scorn and occasional violence of the normal people, living in the Bowery, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in New York City, where a lot of jokers started to congregate. The Sleeper, with his endless transformations, sometimes woke up as deformed joker too, so he was immediately sympathetic to John. John introduced the Sleeper to other jokers and the place they lived, and functioned as a sort of guide into the joker community for the Sleeper in the first years of his career.

John had a hooked beak, glittering eyes, and an unnaturally shiny complexion. He spoke in piping, clipped voice, due to his beak. John was bitter about his condition and the treatment he suffered at the hands of the nats, due his best to avoid trouble.

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