Joker Plague
Biographical Information
Official NameJoker Plague
TypeRock band
Operational Information
First AppearanceInside Straight

Joker Plague are a world-renowned rock band in the Wild Cards series of books. Led by their famous front man Drummer Boy, Joker Plague are known for their powerful rock and stadium-sized performances. All five members are jokers.

Aside from their larger-than-life percussionist, Joker Plague are: Bottom, an ass-headed joker; Shivers, a demonic guitarist with red and black scales; S'Live, whose multitude of tongues lance out to play his keyboard; the Voice, a near-invisible man with a powerful baritone voice.

During a live performance in Jokertown, a disgruntled joker terrorist bombed the stage, killing  Shivers, S'Live and the Voice, while severely injuring Bottom and Drummer Boy. Drummer Boy tracked down the terrorist and turned him over to the police.


  • Drummer Boy (percussion, front man)
  • Bottom (bass guitar)
  • Shivers (guitar)
  • S'Live (keyboard)
  • The Voice (vocals)

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume XVIII: Inside Straight
  • The Atonement Tango: Short story on the TOR website