Joker Plague
Biographical Information
Official NameJoker Plague
TypeRock band
Operational Information
First AppearanceInside Straight

Joker Plague are a world-renowned rock band in the Wild Cards series of books. Led by their famous front man Drummer Boy, Joker Plague are known for their powerful rock and stadium-sized performances. All five members are jokers.

Aside from their larger-than-life percussionist, Joker Plague are: Bottom, an ass-headed joker; Shivers, a demonic guitarist with red and black scales; S'Live, whose multitude of tongues lance out to play his keyboard; the Voice, a near-invisible man with a powerful baritone voice.


  • Drummer Boy (percussion, front man)
  • Bottom (bass guitar)
  • Shivers (guitar)
  • S'Live (keyboard)
  • The Voice (vocals)

Selected ReadingEdit

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