Joker fight club
Biographical Information
TypeCrime ring
PurposeKidnapping, human trafficking, gladiatorial combat, gambling
Operational Information
Base of OperationsTalas, Kazakhstan
First AppearanceLowball

The joker fight club is an international crime ring operating out of Kazakhstan in the Wild Cards series of books.


The joker fight club was founded around the idea of pitting jokers against each other in gladiatorial bouts for entertainment and profit from gambling. In order to maintain a stable of fighters, the group made use of groups of kidnappers who would target potential combatants and spirit them away by various means to Talas, Kazakhstan where the criminal group maintained a makeshift prison and fight cage with room for spectators. In Jokertown this meant kidnapping jokers from the streets and moving them to a dog training facility in New Jersey operated by a number of ex-KGB agents, and from there groups would be moved to Kazakhstan by Mollie "Tesseract" Steunanberg whose power it was to create fourth dimensional portals large enough to transport whole groups of jokers at a time.

While some of the fight club's members, and even the fighters themselves, were willing participants in the operation, there were some who acted under duress. They feared the power of the group's ace matriarch Baba Yaga who could horribly transform a person into a piece of furniture, slowly dying after having their bodies brutally twisted into a new form. The ace telepath Dmitri also kept the fighters in line with his ability to drag their minds through a terrifying inner Hell if they dared to stand up to their captors.

The fight club was disrupted by a series of events involving members of Jokertown's 5th Precinct "Fort Freak", current and former members of the Committee, and Agent Jamal "Stuntman" Norwood of SCARE, targeting elements of the New York supply chain, and then a direct attack from Norwood and Francis Black in Kazakhstan itself. Black Tongue, who was one of the unwilling fighters being held there also escaped the makeshift arena at the same time as the two law enforcers staged their raid, and caused more damage in the ranks of thugs as he forced his way out, not the least of which was poisoning Baba Yaga to the point where she needed to be rushed to hospital.

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