Jube the Walrus
Biographical Information
Real NameJhubben
AliasesJubal Benson, Jube the Walrus, Walrus
Alien SpeciesGlabberan
Alien TraitsWalrus-like appearance, cold tolerance
Social Information
Place of BirthGlabber
CitizenshipGlabberan, Network
OccupationResearcher, xenologist
Base of OperationsJokertown
AffiliationsThe Network
AlliesArachne, Chrysalis, Croyd Crenson, Ekkedme, Shiner
First AppearanceWild Cards
CreatorGeorge R.R. Martin

To the casual eye Jube the Walrus is the proprietor of a newsstand located in Jokertown. In reality Jube is an agent for the Network.

History Edit

Jube is a xenologist from Glabber, a small, cold member planet of the Network. Looking to exercise an adventurous streak, he signed a contract with the Master Traders and this found him stationed on Earth since 1956.

Jube lives in the basement of a Jokertown rooming house, a building which he secretly owns himself. He spends his time communicating with the local population and simply observing the Jokertown society around him, as well as taking a keen interest in the affairs of the rest of the planet.

Alien Traits Edit

Jube's Glabberan physiology grants him a pronounced tolerance for cold temperatures and his thick hide offers a moderate resistance to harm.

Appearance Edit

Jube appears to be a joker. However, unbeknownst to almost everyone on Earth, he is actually an extra-terrestrial alien. As such, his appearance is normal for his people.

Jube has the appearance of a humanoid walrus. He is short and squat with thick blubbery skin and tusks coming out of his mouth. His hands have three fingers and an opposable thumb, and their large size also makes them quite clumsy by comparison to humans. As is normal for his species, Jube is fairly unaffected by cold. He regularly wears only a Hawaiian shirt even in the deepest winter and never turns on the heat in his apartment (which once caused the gas company to come and check to make sure he had not tampered with the meter).

Personality Edit

Jube is outgoing and friendly. He is a popular fixture in Jokertown where he is known for constantly telling bad jokes. His jovial exterior hides a determined and sometimes ruthless character when threatened.

Trivia Edit

  • Jube is a student of Earth's cultures and people. He spent his early years on the planet learning about humans from feature films and has since amassed an incredible encyclopaedic knowledge about humanity.
  • He smells like fresh popcorn and is entirely unperturbed when others makes this observation. In fact, he readily proclaims himself as the source of the smell.

Selected Reading Edit

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