Biographical Information
Real NameHarry Matthias
Wild Card TraitsExtra-sensory perception (wild card sense)
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States, deceased
OccupationPolice officer
Base of OperationsNew York City
AffiliationsNYPD (Jokertown precinct), Egyptian Freemasons
AlliesRoman, Coleman Hubbard, John F.X. Black
First AppearanceAces High
Final AppearanceAces High

Harry "Judas" Matthias is a fictional character in the Wild Cards anthology. As one of the Egyptian Freemasons he served as a mid-level lackey and a useful plant in the New York Police Department.

History Edit

Harry was in Jokers Wild when others there were about to serve him up as part of the establishment's infamous live performances. The stress of his predicament caused his ace to turn and he used it to expose a woman as a shape-shifter, causing the other people to turn on her for their entertainment instead.

Harry's power, though subtle, did have its uses. As a police officer his ability to detect the presence of the wild card, and determine something about those he sensed, came to be a useful tool in identifying troublemakers. As an agent of the Egyptian Freemasons it was invaluable for identifying recruits with great potential.

Harry was present at the Cloisters when Fortunato and Dr. Tachyon launched their attack in a bid to stop the Astronomer's mad plan. In an attempt to distance himself from the Masons he drew his gun on Kim Toy only to be ensnared by her love inducing power. He pursued her through the Cloisters, but when he finally caught her he was accidentally killed by Water Lily pulling all the moisture from his body.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Harry Matthias was a low powered ace with the ability to detect wild carders. He detected the presence of the wild card simply by looking at those infected by it. When he looked at aces he gained a general impression of the kind of power they had.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Harry Matthias always maintained a strong sense of self-preservation. He was not coward, but did keep himself discretely in the background when he needed to avoid trouble. He had no love for the Astronomer and worked towards the Astronomer's interests purely because he expected the world to crumble and he was determined to be one of the survivors.

Trivia Edit

  • Harry was not particularly fond of the name "Judas".

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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